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Application and Database Development

Here at VSW we take great pride in the software engineering arena. Our application development process has been honed over several years of delivering high quality, value, and scope oriented software products to our clients. With a workforce that has professional experience in the Kiosk, Wholesale, Government, Entertainment, Medical, and Financial industry, we have a broad understanding of where the market currently is and where it is going.

Business Application Programming Interface

Business Application Programming Interface (API)

API's are the foundation of a company's effort to reach outside of their everyday functional area. Allowing clients to interact with your business processes without the direct personal engagement that would occur otherwise. Time is money and business API give your company an competitive edge in the technology space.

Web Portal and Report Development

Web Portal and Report Development

Portals are the quint essential technology solution for companies that want to centralize all business processes and offering under one umbrella. From Custom solutions to COTS like Sharepoint, we have implemented several of these over the years and have seen it pay dividends to the client. A single place where you, your employees, and possibly customers go to interact with your business processes.

Local Infrastructure Setup

Local Infrastructure Setup

All Businesses require a means to interact with each other and the outside world. Setting up a local infrastructure allows you to do just that. At VSW, we have experience setting up corporate firewalls, Linux and Windows Servers (encompassing Mail, DNS, DHCP, IIS, Apache, Database, Active Directory etc..), routers, switches, and voip.